At our core we are a people business. This is personified in the key individuals involved in Electronic Visions Ltd who ensure that client satisfaction is never compromised. The varying backgrounds of these individuals mean the company and its customers benefit from a variety of different experiences, which leads to an enhancement of the overall vendor experience.


Ryan De Gannes is the CEO and a founding director of Electronic Visions Ltd. Ryan has 6 years of database design, web application design and implementation experience. He obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Business Management in 2004.

After graduating, Ryan worked in the Quality Assurance Department of a major player in the insurance industry in Trinidad and Tobago, providing automated error handling solutions and helping to sanitize corrupted databases. In 2007, Ryan joined PureShare Inc., where as a Technical Analyst he was responsible for developing Metric Management solutions for major international companies using their tool ActiveMetrics. Ryan’s experience in performance metrics programming led to him exploring web design and other design technologies.


Dwight Pollonais is one of the founding directors of Electronic Visions Ltd. Dwight is a qualified Civil/Structural Engineer with 7 years of industrial experience. Dwight obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering with first-class honours in 2004.

After qualifying Dwight joined a leading consultancy firm where he worked for 2 years managing many local and regional structural design projects. In 2005 Dwight co-founded a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy firm, where he provides key business management, team leadership, technical excellence and project management.

In 2008, Dwight completed his Master of Science Degree in Earthquake Engineering at Imperial College in London, UK. His multi-faceted experience in successfully managing challenging technical projects and co-leading a successful organization, is critical to the successful development of Electronic Visions Ltd.


Ricardo Almandoz is one of the directors of Electronic Visions Ltd. Ricardo is a qualified Engineer with 5 years of industrial experience. He obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering with first-class honours in 2004. Ricardo then joined BG group Plc where he worked for 3 years at operating assets in both Trinidad and Tunisia. At BG Group, Ricardo was responsible for managing various OPEX and CAPEX engineering projects and also for providing technical assurance support.

In 2007-2008 Ricardo completed his Master of Science Degree in Pipeline Engineering with distinction at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. Upon graduating, Ricardo joined Atkins in the UK and provides engineering services in the fields of design and analysis and integrity and risk management. Ricardo provides key support in Electronic Visions Ltd’s business development and design project management support.