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At EVisions we know that a successful project starts in the planning. Before we get going, make sure you have the following.

Fail to prepare? Prepare to fail.

Mr des Vignes, Former Dean, Fatima College

Select a host and register your domain with that host. At the time of writing the average cost of an annual subscription for hosting and a domain was approximately TT$1,200.

  • High quality logo. .EPS or .AI format preferably.
  • Corporate colours and fonts.

  • Company Profile
  • Principal Profiles
  • Services
  • Copy – Witty quotes etc to make your site more engaging.
  • Contact Information

The impact of great photography on the sophistication of your site cannot be overstated.

  • Location
  • Principals
  • Products

Whether you go with a template or build a fully custom website, there will be advantages and disadvantages.

  • Website Template – This solution entails developing on an existing template platform and removes design and some development from your overall cost. We’ve found many clients partial to this as there is a quicker turnaround, approximately four (4) weeks if all content is available, and a reduced cost, ranging from TT$4,500 to TT$9,500 depending on the complexity of the content and any additional customization. The trade-off here is that you are limited to the vision of the template designer and publicly purchased templates are of course open for use by other companies, so there’s a risk of seeing a site similar to yours online. However, your content, photos, logos and general outline ensure your site has a signature look.
  • Custom Solution – If you prefer exclusivity we will design a website from scratch that is innovative and distinctly yours. There is of course design effort as well as a larger amount of deliberation and development. This solution takes on average six (6) to ten (10) weeks to turnaround and prices can range from TT$8,000 to TT$21,000 again based on the complexity of your requirements.

Before we assess requirements, we invite clients to dream up a wishlist of functionality they’d like to see e.g. e-Commerce or Newsletters. There is nothing impossible, even if in time it may prove unfeasible.

While this may vary based on the requirements, below is the best case timeline for web design projects.

  • Draft and submission of Statement of Work, including financial commitments.
  • First Draft – Two (2) to three (3) weeks.
  • Client Testing – One (1) week.
  • Final Draft – One (1) week.
  • Final Client Approval
  • Website Launch – Usually four (4) to six (6) weeks.